About us

About E-moove EV car rental

E-moove.ro is an electric car rental platform in Bucharest. For the year 2023 we want to expand the car rental services in Cluj Napoca, Constanța and Brașov.

Our rental services are fast and without hidden costs, seeking to offer our customers the simplest and most efficient system of renting an electric car.

Get in our team

To get here, we learned a lot about the risks of this car rental business, about which we knew nothing in 2017. We continue to learn, most of the time even from our own mistakes. Our electric vehicle services have included both electric car rental and car rental with drivers. We continue to do this, with the same passion and we believe that only by going through all the levels of this business, you can fully understand your role in the organization and how you can bring added value.

Previous training, experience, or age doesn't really matter. At E-moove we quickly realize if you like what you do, but especially if you like working in our team.

Who we are?

We started in 2017 with the first electric car, which we bought out of a real desire to protect the environment. And I opted for that then, aware of the technological shortcomings. In the meantime, driving pleasure has made up for all the shortcomings, and nowadays, technology is advancing with it, constantly looking for car models with the most generous autonomy.

ECO policy

In the meantime, we have found other people who think like us, who feel that protecting the planet, reducing the CO2 footprint can be done by each individual.

This is how we developed the E-moove platform, through which anyone can list their electric car for rent, because a car that is not run, is neither economically nor environmentally sustainable. In general, cars are used in less than 10%.

Electric vehicles are efficient in energy consumption, the recommended consumption being between 10-15 kWh, depending on the model and weather conditions. By comparison, 1L diesel can generate 10kWh *, resulting in huge energy savings and emissions.

Sometimes we can't believe it either, but by the end of 2022, the entire fleet will already be 5,000,000 fully electric. There are a lot of tons of CO2 saved, and in the end, that's about our business card.

* according to wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gasolinegallonequivalent