Range Anxiety or Fear of running out of battery

Autonomy anxiety is a term that refers to the fear of being left with a discharged battery in the electric car. To put it bluntly, it's worrying to be left with a discharged car battery somewhere on the road.

However, it is a feeling similar to that experienced by conventional car drivers when the yellow light comes on.

Have you ever wondered if you have enough diesel or gasoline to get to the next gas station?

Well, with electricity, things are the same.

Are there enough charging stations?

In June 2022, there are over 250 charging stations in Bucharest, of which over 100 fast charging stations (30-50 minutes).

Towards Brașov, there are 16 fast charging stations, in Ploiești, Câmpina, Bușteni, Predeal.

There are 14 fast and 30 slow stations in Brasov.

Towards Constanța, on the Autostrada Soarelui there are 3 fast stations, and in Constanța, there are 15 fast stations and 31 slow stations.

In electric cars, the range is greatly influenced by running speed and sudden accelerations. The best speed for range (even higher than the WLTP cycle) is 80 km / h.

Autonomy anxiety is considered one of the major barriers to the widespread adoption of fully electric cars.

Do you have to worry about the range?

In short, no!

A minimum check of the autonomy of the board with the running schedule is welcome. The Plugshare app will show you all the stations. Remember to check the status of the station and provide information to others when uploading. In short, a "check in at the station" is useful for everyone.

When the on-board range shows you less than 50 km range, the car displays the on-board warning message.

Less than 30 km range, the car reduces consumers (air conditioning, limited heating).

Under 15 km, electric cars enter Turtle Mode, which means that acceleration is drastically limited, and so is speed.


If you want to charge the socket (pensions, hotels, private houses), ask the host if the 220 V socket is equipped with a ground. Before connecting the plug to the machine, insert the plug into the socket. If all the charger LEDs are green, then the socket is grounded, you can connect the connector to the car.

It is preferable to charge directly from the socket and not insert the charging cable into a classic extension cord. The extension cord can be with a thicker cable, as 1.5-2 kWh will pass through it and charging is safe only on such a cable.

There is a risk of fire on improvised installations and if you notice that the charging cable or socket or on certain terminations of the extension cord are heating up (it becomes hot, not hot), or you notice a burning smell, it would be better to avoid using the extension cord.