These terms and conditions apply to the e-moove platform and the website. The services offered by the e-moove platform are car rental services, through partners / suppliers or directly from the company E-moove Vehicles SRL, which also owns the e-moove platform.

By accepting the Terms and Conditions, you will conclude direct rental agreements with the company E-moove Vehicles Srl or through the suppliers present on the e-moove platform. We encourage you to read them carefully, as there are both rights and obligations on your part regarding the use of our services and goods. For any questions, please use the Frequently Asked Questions section or the Help button.

This contract is concluded between:

SC E-MOOVE VEHICLES SRL, Str. Capt. Ion Gârbea 26, sect. 5, Bucharest or any partner approved by the e-moove platform, as a Supplier


First name Last name, .., Address ………………………………………………………………………… … .., CNP ………………………………………… .., Email Address ……………………………………………………… ……, telephone number …………………………………… .. and / or

SC …………………………………………… .., headquartered in ………………………, Str. …………………………., No. … .., bloc ………, sc. ……., Ap. …… .., jud./sect. ………… .., C.U.I. ……………… .., J …… / ………… / ………, IBAN code: ……………………………………………… .., open at …… …………, Branch ………… .., represented by Mrs. ……………………………… as …………………… .., e-mail address ………………………………………………… ………., phone number……………………. as a Customer.

By accepting the terms and conditions, the Customer acknowledges compliance with this contract and will use the services and goods of the company and partners in good faith, without intentionally causing damage, damage, theft of components, etc. and will protect as much as possible the integrity of the goods and services they contract, through non-aggressive behavior on motor vehicles.

The e-moove platform has the right to select its customers, temporarily or totally block customers who cause harm through their behavior or increase the risk of accidents.

By accepting the Terms and Conditions of the e-moove platform, the Client assumes:

1. Correct statement of the information you upload to the platform.

2. Verification of personal data, with the possibility of its validation / invalidation.

3. The lack of any of the above elements can lead to the blocking of the car reservation / rental, without refunding any amount already paid and penalties may be applied.


1. Client: Natural or legal person, who is approved by e-moove, after uploading the data requested by the platform. If he is a legal entity, he will mention the details of each individual, who will drive the cars he will reserve on the platform.

2. Customer Account: Customer access after authentication with user and password or e-mail address, password and phone number to the e-moove platform, obtained after verifying the data uploaded by the Customer, through which he can reserve existing vehicles in the e-moove platform.

3. Supplier: Legal entity, which may be both the owner of the e-moove platform and other partners, who load their personal or sub-leased vehicles in the e-moove platform.

4. Motor vehicle: the movable property, owned by the company that also owns the e-moove platform or owned / subleased by a partner, who uploaded it to the e-moove platform, which is provided as a temporary rental / use, based on reservations made by the Customer. All vehicles in the e-moove platform have monitoring equipment, which monitors the GPS position, distance traveled (expressed in kilometers) and other data related to the safety of the vehicle and passengers, which can generate charging reports, but also penalties in situations of aggressive driving, undeclared penalties or other errors on board the vehicle.

5. Contract: this agreement accepted by checking the Terms and Conditions, by which the Customer accesses the services of the e-moove platform, for which he pays a fee, according to the Tariff Schedule, with remote signing, without the need for physical presence, by both parties .

6. The services of the e-moove platform: represent the totality of the services made available to the Client, from renting, delivery, cleaning, repair, vehicle monitoring, invoicing, support, etc. to deliver to the Customer a pleasant experience according to e-moove standards.

7. Rental / reservation period: represents the period reserved by the Client and confirmed by e-moove.

8. Delivery / receipt of the vehicle by e-moove: can be done in the following public parking lots: - Kaufland Barbu Văcărescu, near the charging stations, - Victoriei Square, above-ground public parking in the middle of the intersection - Constitution Square, public parking in the middle of the intersection - Revolution Square, public parking signal- Alba Iulia Square, roundabout - Domenii Square, signaled public parking (Alexandru Constantinescu Street) - King Mihai I Park (Herăstrău) signaled public parking (Aviatorilor Blvd.) or at other locations, established in advance by e-mail. In the situation where the receipt of the vehicle is not made at the same point from where it was handed over, this aspect will be mentioned by the Client.

9. Car charging station: is the equipment that allows you to charge the car, which can be found most easily through the Plugshare application, but also other applications that you can find in the app store or google play store: e-charge, carge, plugpoint , polyfazer, evconnect, eldrive, juicepass, elmotion, molplugee, eondrive, nextcharge etc.

10. Coverage area: delivery / receipt: Bucharest; use: Romania.

11. Price list: tariffs applied for e-moove services.

12. Penalties: the amounts applied by e-moove, for misuse or inconsistency with the Terms and Conditions of this contract.

13. Road accident: accident between the car rented through the e-moove platform and another vehicle, fixed element on the road (pole, traffic light, fence, curb), person, etc. which resulted in the damage / injury of one of the above, which resulted in material damage and / or injury / death of one or more persons.

E-moove Terms and Conditions:

1. Overview

1.1 These Terms and Conditions apply to the extent that they do not conflict with other conditions for users or the website. In order to benefit from e-moove services, you must accept the terms and conditions before entering your data.

1.2 E-moove acts both as a rental company and as a car rental platform for other partners.

1.3 E-moove will renew its Terms and Conditions whenever necessary and will inform the customer of any such operation.

1.4 The working hours for taking telephone calls are 8:00 - 20:00 from Monday to Sunday.

1. 5 We respond to requests received by e-mail within 12 hours of receiving it, from Monday to Sunday.

2. Provision of services

2.1 E-moove provides car rental services from 1 day to an indefinite period through its own cars or those of its partners, but also other services related to the performance of this service, such as: delivery of the car to the customer, car loading, car cleaning , vehicle repair, etc.

3. The customer

3.1 For the creation of the Client account, the applicant will fill in his personal data according to the form in the site / application, by photographing / facial scanning, photographing the Identity Card (CI) / Residence Permit (front, back) / Passport, Car Permit (front, verso), Car record (optional), Criminal record (optional), bank card and entering the bank details of the applicant, as well as the data of the legal entity if you want to invoice to it. * - may be mandatory in the conditions in which there are suspicions of fraud, accidents, incorrect non-declaration of identity, other legal issues.

3.2 If the identity verification does not occur for various reasons, the Client account cannot be activated.

3.3 The eligibility of a Client consists in:

- holds a category B driving license of at least 2 years and is at least 25 years old

- the right to drive for violations provided by the Traffic Code is not investigated, convicted or suspended / canceled

- if his driving license has been suspended, the customer loses his eligibility and thus the right to drive e-moove vehicles and is solely responsible for any action he takes with e-moove vehicles, with possible damages for any accidents.

- the obligation to drive the vehicle rented by the Client and only the Client, and in case there are other possible drivers, to be mentioned from the beginning of the reservation.

- the validity of the documents will be updated whenever there are changes on them, by uploading them in e-moove. If the updating of documents is missing, the right to make reservations in e-moove is suspended until the change of valid documents.

- the lack of any of the above elements can lead to the blocking of making reservations.

4. Obligations of the Client

4.1 The customer, throughout the rental of the e-moove vehicle, will behave with it as a good owner, will protect and drive with the utmost care, trying to prevent and avoid any accident and comply with the Terms and Conditions of this contract .

4.2 It is responsible for the correctness of the information transmitted and the validity of the documents.

4.3 Will comply with the rules of the road, assuming that exceeding speed limits or driving aggressive (reported by both GPS data and other traffic participants) can block access to e-moove.

4.4 Do not get behind the wheel of e-moove vehicles after consuming alcoholic beverages, substances prohibited by law, psychotropic or psychoactive substances. Also, if he is under medication, which does not allow him to drive, do not access e-moove services.

4.5 To pay the rent of the vehicle according to the Tariff Schedule.

4.6 To pay for any damages caused by e-moove, through possible damages as described in the Tariff Schedule.

5. Booking / renting the vehicle

5.1 The delivery of the vehicle is made in parking lots pre-established by e-moove, by completing a report of delivery-receipt at a distance, in which the Customer finds all the details of the vehicle he takes over, as well as possible scratches, damage or other elements on which will confirm / disprove them. Failure to mention both in writing the observations and with pictures of the damage, scratch or lack of any object, will not lead to acquittal and may lead to the obligation to pay these damages, when signing the report of delivery-receipt at a distance, Not later.

5.2 The delivery of the vehicle is made in other places than those mentioned by e-moove, according to the Tariff Schedule.

5.3 The end of the reservation is also made through a report of reception-delivery at a distance, through which the Client will make changes, only if the damages observed at the end of the reservation have taken place. Any failure, damage, breakdown, scratch will be reported immediately (within 5 minutes from the occurrence or finding of the event).

5.4 Each car is picked up cleanly, with a battery level of at least 50%, and is delivered clean, with at least the same battery level as when picked up.

5.5 If the Customer finds that the vehicle received is dirty (not due to the delivery of the vehicle in adverse weather conditions), has technical problems related to traffic safety, may refuse the vehicle without being charged in any way and will receive bonus 3 days of renting the same category of car that you booked, at another time of year, with an advance booking. E-moove will try to provide the Customer with another car in 2-4 hours, in Bucharest. In case the Client wants the delivery of the vehicle outside the city of Bucharest, e-moove does not assume the delivery compliance in 2-4 hours.

6. Using the vehicle

6.1 Each vehicle can only be used by e-moove customers. If the customer's identity does not correspond to the person driving the vehicle, through unannounced checks, e-moove can apply penalties, close the rental instantly and claim damages.

6.2 The Customer is prohibited from allowing other persons regardless of the degree of kinship, relationship, situation to drive the vehicle without prior notice of e-moove and also to be a Customer approved by e-moove, before driving. If there are several e-moove customers, in the same car, each will change during the rental the driver who is to drive the rented car.

6.3 The rental has 3 steps:

a) takes place following a booking process through which, according to the booking schedule, the Customer receives the booking confirmation and pays an advance according to the pricing schedule.

b) signs the handover-receipt report of the vehicle when it comes into its possession.

c) closes when the vehicle is handed over and is checked within 3 hours from its delivery, taking into account the delivery time by the Customer.

6.4 Before completing the delivery-receipt report, the Customer checks the condition of the vehicle both inside and outside (scratches, blockages, collisions, broken, missing elements), the status of the tires (deflated, cut, punctured, left, blunt). excessive), if the battery level is above 50%. In case there are new damaged elements, not already mentioned in the vehicle file, the Client's obligation is to immediately inform e-moove by the means he finds in contact, but also in the e-moove platform by text message to Observations and pictures of damage .

6.5 Inside the vehicle The customer will find the documents of the vehicle: Copy of registration certificate with validity passed to ITP, Compulsory Liability Insurance - RCA with validity term. Although e-moove has a database where it monitors and informs every owner of the vehicle about these validity, the responsibility to drive a vehicle with valid documents in time, belongs to the authorities of the driver, for which, we ask you to check with pay attention to these documents.

6.6 Inside the car, the customer receives other elements, which he will confirm / deny in the process handover-receipt of the vehicle, which must be found at the end of the rental. The lack of these elements entails a list of sanctions and penalties that the client finds in the Tariff Grid section.

6.7 The vehicle will be used in normal driving conditions, in accordance with the Road Traffic Regulations applicable in Romania and locally, depending on the restrictions / local regulations regarding speed, respectively parking in public / private places. The customer is responsible for any violation of the applicable traffic rules and in the event that the authorities request the driver's documents, they will be made available by e-moove. In this case, in addition to the fine imposed by the notified authority, e-moove will apply an operating fee. Any other additional costs will be borne by the Client, according to the documents issued by the authorities and according to the Tariff Schedule.

6.8 e-moove vehicles are monitored by GPS and e-moove can block, suspend a customer's account for any existing balances and can also block the rental during its development, given that GPS data indicate aggressive behavior, sudden braking, acceleration sudden, excessive speed (according to the speed grid), driven off the roads intended for motor vehicles, etc. without returning to the client any remaining amount of money left over from the non-completion of the lease.

6.9 In the situation where e-moove closes a lease for shares spent in art. 6.8, if the vehicle is in Bucharest, no other relocation fee applies. In case the vehicle is outside the city of Bucharest, a relocation fee will be applied according to the Tariff Schedule.

6.10 The customer does NOT have the right to use the e-moove for racing, freight deliveries, sublease, transport of people for rent, activities prohibited by law, otherwise he will be penalized according to the Tariff Schedule.

6.11 In e-moove cars any type of smoking is forbidden, otherwise it will be penalized according to the Tariff Schedule.

6.12 The transport of pets can be done only in special transport boxes for pets, and the Client is directly responsible for keeping the cleanliness, the smells, at the end of the rental. In case of non-cleanliness, a penalty will be applied according to the Tariff Schedule.

6.13 It is forbidden to drive e-moove cars outside Romania, without prior information of e-moove and only with the consent of e-moove / owner of the vehicle. Failure to comply with this article will result in the authorities reporting the theft and initiating proceedings for recovery.

6.14 E-moove cars do not have Rovinieta or any other tolls, the only benefit that electric cars have, being the free parking in Bucharest, in the above-ground parking lots, administered by the Bucharest City Hall according to the local legislation.

7. Charging the vehicle's traction battery

7.1 The traction battery of the vehicle or the vehicle battery, which represents the autonomy of the vehicle, is recommended to be charged in the range of 10-90%, ie the customer must charge the battery of the vehicle not less than 10% or 30km autonomy. It is preferable to disengage from charging to 90% to protect the battery. Also, short charging cycles (for example: 45% to 70%) are not recommended, in this case a charging as close as 90% is recommended.

7.2 For the most efficient movement, we recommend reading point 9 of the definitions, from the charging station point.

8. Returning the vehicle

8.1 The customer will return the vehicle under the same conditions, assuming any damage, scratch, clogging, destruction of elements and goods that are part of the vehicle, which he received and is modified from the delivery-receipt report, from when the rental starts. Any changes to the initial condition of the vehicle, described as examples below, represent costs that will be imposed, according to the Customer Tariff Schedule:

1. Any scratches, blockage of the body and lighting elements.

2. Any repair that tries to hide damaged, stolen items.

3. Any missing item, whether lost or stolen.

4. Technical failures, which the vehicle representative or the e-moove representative finds and confirms to be due to improper and unsecured wear (for example: driving the road on unpaved roads, in test-drive tendencies, which results in with damage to the vehicle underneath or that have shock absorbers, bushings, damaged bumper ends or crooked, bumped rims, flat tires, etc.).

5. Shattered, cracked windscreen (usually due to not keeping distance from the vehicle in front, which may throw stones), hit rims (potholes, hit curbs), extremely worn tires from excessive acceleration, excessive braking, superficial body touches, headlights, taillights in parking lots compared to other vehicles, parking poles.

6. Damage to the interior of the vehicle, scratched, broken board elements, caused by moving path operations, bulky objects (bicycles) without securing the elements with which it comes into contact (rear window, trunk door lock), etc.

7. Washing with improper chemical solutions that affect the paint and rubbing the body with mops, brooms that can scratch the vehicle.

8. Burned seats, coffee stains, carbonated drinks, fast food, broken handles, scratched board, broken / cracked car tablet, stolen, changed car mats, lack of car safety elements: fire extinguisher, kit, triangles - 2 pieces.

9. High tire wear, especially on the outer edge of the tire indicates driving the vehicle through potholes, in areas with forest road, dirt road, which leads to a damaged geometry.

9. In case of accident

9.1 The customer has the obligation to immediately notify e-moove, about any damage to the e-moove vehicle.

9.2 If the damage has an unknown perpetrator or the person who damaged it fled the scene of the accident, he has the obligation to go to minor accidents and report the damage. In this situation, since in over 90% of the situations the Police do not solve the case, a repair and cost of inactivity deductible will be applied according to the Tariff Schedule. If the car is partially superficially damaged, ie it can be used without reason to refuse the following rentals (for example: a clogged door or broken headlight is not superficial damage and the car will be put into service as soon as possible) and can be repaired after solving the Police in no more than 30 days, the deductible will be returned to the customer.

9.3 If the accident occurred with or without the client's fault and 2 vehicles were involved, we recommend that an Amicable Accident Finding be drawn up, with the e-moove authorization, which verifies in real time with the customer the correct preparation of the Amicable document. If the parties involved in the accident fail to understand each other, they will go to minor accidents at the police within 24 hours of the accident, in order to obtain a repair permit and if the customer is innocent and the documents of the other party: picture compulsory RCA insurance, Heel photo, CI photo, Driving license photo. In the event that the Customer is guilty, a repair and inactivity cost deductible will be applied according to the Tariff Schedule.

9.4 If the accident occurred with more than 3 vehicles, there will be minor accidents for the preparation of documents together with the Police. In the event that the Customer is guilty, a repair and inactivity cost deductible will be applied according to the Tariff Schedule.

9.5 If the accident occurred with victims, they will call 112 and wait for the Police and the Smurd Ambulance, after which the documents issued by the Police will be drawn up. In the event that the Customer is guilty, a repair and inactivity cost deductible will be applied according to the Tariff Schedule.

9.6 In any of the above situations, corroborated with the fact that the Customer has consumed alcoholic beverages, substances prohibited by law (narcotics, psychoactive or psychotropic) while driving, has his license suspended / revoked but got behind the wheel thus fooling the e-moove system , will be liable both criminally and civilly before both the authorities and e-moove for recovering the damage. Also, if he has a medical indication not to drive and still does, he will be liable in the same way before the law for full recovery of the damage.

9.7 In case the Customer flees the scene of the accident, being guilty, e-moove will report the Customer's data and present the Police vehicle for the preparation of repair documents, after which it will go against him to recover the repair deductible and the cost of inactivity according to the Tariff Schedule.

9.8 Any attempt to evade, hide the details of the accident, distort the truth, entails the application of a penalty by e-moove according to the Tariff Schedule and the obligation to pay in full the damage caused and the cost of inactivity of the vehicle throughout the investigation / trial.

9.9 Any intentional accident or risk not assumed without the desire to protect the e-moove vehicle, will have an additional penalty according to the Tariff Schedule. Intentional accident or unassumed risk means speeding where the road does not allow (eg on a road with a speed limit of 30 km / h, driving at over 80 km / h legal speed or an accident on a road with 1-2 lanes, but due to excessive speed results in an accident in a pole). Any speed over 50km / h compared to the speed limit on that section of a road that results in an accident, e-moove considers it an intentional accident or unassumed risk.