You can pick up the car according to the order placed, at the date and time specified by you. For orders starting today, please contact us.

The car has a number of warnings before the battery is completely discharged. First when the range drops below 50 km, then below 30 km it automatically switches to eco mode, then below 15 km it switches to turtle mode, the speed being seriously limited. To easily find a charging station, we recommend that you use the Plugshare application, and if you somehow reach the 15 km range limit, please stop the car at the nearest point and contact the E-moove team. If the battery is completely discharged, in addition to the difficult situation that endangers the safety of your travel and that of other road users, we will be required to charge you additional costs according to the Tariff Grid .

You can receive or leave your car in the following public car parks, which are closer to you: see the map here

  • - Kaufland Barbu Văcărescu , near the charging stations
  • - Victoriei Square , above-ground public parking in the middle of the intersection
  • - Constitution Square , public parking in the middle of the intersection
  • - Revolution Square , signaled public parking
  • - Alba Iulia Square , round
  • - Domenii Square , signaled public parking (Alexandru Constantinescu street)
  • - King Mihai I Park (Herăstrău) signaled public parking (bld. Aviatorilor)

Electric cars can be charged by:

  • - CCS , which is fast charging, lasting between 0.5-1.5 hours depending on the vehicle model, existing range and available power of the charging station
  • - Type 2 , which is slow charging, between 1.5h and 9h depending on the vehicle model, existing range and available power of the charging station
  • - Type 2 at 220V socket charging takes 15 to 45 hours depending on the vehicle model, range, and power available at home.
br The expressed charging times are approximate, differing from one model to another of the vehicle, and the manufacturer's recommendation is to charge the vehicle between 20-80% of the battery capacity. Each type of CCS, Type 2 or Type2 charging from the domestic socket must be followed by checking that the vehicle shows the charging time on board the vehicle, otherwise it does not charge. Each station often has an application, through which you start uploading. You need to consider with some electric vehicle charging service providers, depending on your itinerary.

The price of charging can vary greatly from one operator to another, or it can even be free sometimes (some Kaufland, Lidl or Ikea stores, etc.). Batteries also have different capacities, from one car model to another, ranging from 20 kWh to 60 kWh. In Romania, the price of kWh at charging stations varies between 1 and 2.5 lei / kWh . We remind you that in the city, the average consumption should be around 12-20 kWh per 100 km depending on the car model, driving style and season.

Accidents are unpleasant events, but which must be resolved primarily legally and reported immediately to the e-moove.ro team If no victims are reported as a result of the accident, then the road can be cleared and the amicable finding can be drawn up between the parties. Find these documents in the car's glovebox. Please make sure that both drivers have signed the document, that the sketch contains all their data, and that the sketch is easy to understand. Take clear pictures of the mandatory RCA liability insurance, receipt from the other vehicle involved in the accident and the Identity Card and driver's license of the other driver and exchange phone numbers. These documents are part, along with your statement, of the assessment to be carried out at the office designated by the insurer, in order to issue the assessment note that allows the vehicle to be repaired. Without these documents, the vehicle cannot be repaired, and the repair costs are borne by the customer, and the vehicle insurance cannot be used. Insurers may request additional information and documents. If the parties do not want to find the accident amicably, then you must go to the office of minor accidents at the address str. Splaiul Unirii, no. 311 (Auto Cobălcescu precinct) Sector 3 Bucharest (for accidents within this county). The program is non-stop. Any scratch should be reported immediately to the e-moove.ro team. For accidents with victims, call 112 immediately.

For reasons related to damages, we reserve the right to select customers. The first condition is that you are over 25 years old, and the driver's license must be at least 2 years old, and the license must be category B, issued in RO/E.U./U.K. You must read and agree to our Terms and Conditions.

We deliver cars that are at least 50% charged. We expect you to leave it as you found it, that is, at least 50% charged.

Yes, all our cars can be parked for free in the above-ground parking lots managed by Bucharest City Hall, according to the sticker on the top right of the windshield.

The autonomy of the cars differs depending on the model and the driving style. We express them on each side in the selection page, according to the WLTP cycle, depending on the season. The electric cars of our fleet have a range of between 180 km and 550 km.

To find a charging station quickly and close, we recommend using the Plugshare application. The fast CCS stations are marked in orange on the map, and the slow ones Type 2 in green. After identifying the station, the upload is done following the instructions of each operator. The most used applications for charging electric vehicles are: e-charge, charge, plugpoint, polyfazer, juicepass, evconnect, eldrive, elmotion, molplugee, eondrive, nextcharge etc. You can also download from some Kaufland, Lidl, Dedeman stations without application, but with a prior check in Plugshare if the station has a grade of 10. If it has a lower grade, one or more connectors may not work.

Sorry, but no. Even if we love pets, and we know you do too, but to keep our cars in top condition we’ve had to make the decision to say no to animals.